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News & Events

VOYAGE 480 Electrified Launched

18 December 2018

VOYAGE Yachts have completed and launched their first electric VOYAGE 480, “Electrified.” Sea trials were successful, with the boat and systems performing beautifully, as expected.

“Electrified” is equipped with a large, high-capacity battery bank, a solar array, and electric sail …

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25 May 2018

Ocean Volt

VOYAGE yachts have taken the popular VOYAGE 480 to a new level - The VOYAGE 480 complete electric features 1.6 kWs of solar panels, 35 kWh of light weight, high capacity Lithium Ion batteries, as well as powerful and regenerating electric drives. Given the specific vessel's equipment demands, the option of a hybrid system, Oceanvolt SEA, is available . . .

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VOYAGE 480 “Synergy”

4 May 2017

VOYAGE yachts proudly launched the latest VOYAGE 480, “Synergy.”

Working very closely with the owners, VOYAGE included numerous customizations in this yacht, now very comfortably laid out and equipped for life aboard and the circumnavigation that is planned.


True to her name, “Synergy” is a beautiful culmination
of efforts, and we look forward to keeping up with
her travels!

Contact Us to find out more about customizing your
own VOYAGE yacht, and live the dream!


VOYAGE 480 No 7 Launch

17 February 2017

VOYAGE yachts have just launched VOYAGE 480 #7.

After rigging and sea trials, 480#7 will set sail
across the Atlantic for the British Virgin Islands to join
the charter fleet at VOYAGE charters BVI.

Book a charter now to experience it for yourself.
Contact VOYAGE yacht sales to order your own


VOYAGE 650 Arrives in BVI

09 January 2017

The remarkable VOYAGE 650 Power Cat has
arrived in the British Virgin Islands, and is
available for charter!

Make an appointment to view the all new
VOYAGE 650, and learn more about buying
your own!


650 Power Cat Launch

30 November 2016

After more than 20 years of building performance
cruising sailing yachts, VOYAGE yachts have
masterfully completed their very first

Like all VOYAGE yachts, the all new VOYAGE 650
is a beautiful blend of performance and luxury. Loaded
with standard amenities, the 650 is the next generation
of power catamaran, sure to be a winner in both the
cruising and charter markets.


E570 Announcement

06 October 2016

A brand new design from the award winning VOYAGE
yachts features a hybrid electric drive system with
proprietary technology and choice integrated systems
from Oceanvolt. Unparalleled accommodation and
efficient operation are a few of the many good reasons
to be very excited about the new VOYAGE E570.

We’ll keep you posted as this project develops!

Contact VOYAGE yacht sales to learn more now.


Annapolis Boat Show

06 October 2016

VOYAGE yachts will be on display at the 47th annual
United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD,
October 6-10, 2016. Come view the VOYAGE 480,
meet the VOYAGE team, and explore opportunities
to charter or purchase your own VOYAGE yacht!


TrainingWheels Arrival

04 October 2016

VOYAGE 480 #6 arrives at VOYAGE charters in the
British Virgin Islands.

“TrainingWheels” is the first 3-cabin owner’s layout 480
to join the VOYAGE charters fleet. Features include a
large master suite in the starboard hull, two guest suites
in the port hull, as well as two single berths in the
forepeaks, all fully air conditioned. This beautiful craft is
also equipped with an electric furling genoa, water maker
an array of underwater lights, and all the amenities to
accommodate a luxury sailing vacation in the Caribbean.

Visit VOYAGE charters BVI to demo the VOYAGE 480
owners version now!


E480 Announcement

03 October 2016

VOYAGE yachts introduces the option of a hybrid electric
VOYAGE 480, with integrated electric systems from
Oceanvolt. The system includes 16kW of lightweight
lithium battery banks, 1.5kW of solar panels, as well as
powerful and regenerating electric drives.


TrainingWheels Launch

04 August 2016

VOYAGE yachts launches VOYAGE 480 #6.

The first 3-cabin owner’s version, featuring the entire
starboard hull as the master suite - and sweet it is!
This boat also features several customized personal
touches from the owners.

See this boat at VOYAGE charters in the British Virgin
Islands, and experience it for yourself.


VOYAGE 480 #5 Launch

12 May 2016

Another gem emerges from VOYAGE Yachts!
VOYAGE 480 hull #5 was splashed in Cape Town South
Africa on 12 May 2016. This beauty will set out across
the Atlantic, bound for the Caribbean where she’ll join
the family at VOYAGE charters BVI!


VOYAGE 480 #4 Launch

18 February 2016

VOYAGE yachts celebrated the launch of another
VOYAGE 480! This 4 cabin charter layout is already on
its way to the British Virgin Islands to join the charter
fleet at VOYAGE charters, where the design is quickly
growing a following. Production of this stellar design
continues in Cape Town, with several more on order.


VOYAGE 600 #3 Launch

27 October 2015

VOYAGE yachts has just launched VOYAGE 600 hull
#3 in Cape Town, South Africa. She’ll soon be setting
sail across the Atlantic to her new home in the British
Virgin Islands. Yet another gorgeous vessel crafted
by VOYAGE yachts.


Annapolis Boat Show

13 October 2015

While on display at the United States Sailboat Show in
Annapolis Maryland, the new VOYAGE 480 was
nominated as a contestant for Cruising World’s annual
Boat of The Year award.

The 480s presence at the show has been highly anticipated, and certainly did not disappoint!


VOYAGE 480 #3 Launch

10 September 2015

VOYAGE yachts is very proud to announce the launch
of VOYAGE 480 #3 in Cape Town, South Africa. While
it is all that we expected, we remain in awe of what a
beautiful craft the VOYAGE 480 truly is!

Stay tuned for more . . .


VOYAGE 480 #1 Arrives in the BVI

1 August 2015

Hull #1 of the brand new VOYAGE 480 has traveled
almost 6000 miles to arrive at her new home in the
British Virgin Islands.

This particular boat features accommodation for 10,
and all the amenities for a first class, luxury charter.
Hire the boat for yourself at VOYAGE charters in the
British Virgin Islands, and see how the VOYAGE 480
continues the tradition of excellence created by
VOYAGE yachts.


VOYAGE 480 #1 Sea Trial

15 June 2015

480 #1 has stepped her mast and enjoyed her first time
under sail in the waters of Cape Town. The new
VOYAGE 480 has quickly proven to be everything we
could have hoped for under sail, and is certain to
soon be the vessel of choice for blue water cruisers
around the world!


VOYAGE 480 #1 Launch

1 June 2015

VOYAGE yachts is proud to announce the launch of hull#1 of the new VOYAGE 480 in Cape Town, South Africa.

It’s been a long time coming, and after years of conception, preparation, modification, alteration, and anticipation we have arrived at perfection.

With this we proudly continue our tradition of beautifully designed, and masterfully crafted blue water cruising, performance sailing catamarans.